Description: XR Masters is a team that consists of GIS Developers, AR Developers, 3D Artists, Ray Tracing (RTX) Experts, and Business Strategists. We are your Spatial Technology Advisors and we are here to make sure that your business will thrive in today’s highly transformative environment.

We have been developing software and providing IT strategy advice to global organizations for over two decades. Since 2015, our main focus has been on XR technologies blended with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We were fortunate to find the opportunity to work on Mixed Reality R&D projects with amazing teams at global companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Ernst & Young. We also developed XR projects for government agencies and large corporations both in the US and in Turkey.

We are very excited to announce that finally AR content can be created and managed over the cloud. This means AR content can now be managed the same way as web content is being managed.

Even more thrilling is that AR content can finally be shared across different platforms and different devices such as mobile devices and AR headsets. Additionally, unlike GPS-based experiences, AR content can accurately be placed and experienced persistently at all times utilizing our technology. And last but not least, we are not only capable of scaling these AR experiences to city-wide or even globe-wide projects but also are able to assemble “AR capable Drones” that we can customize according to your needs.

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Industry: Software


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: 8491140

Headquarter: Istanbul

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2015

Skillset: Augmented Reality, 3D Modelling, Mixed Reality, Volumetric Capturing, AR Reader apps, Gamification, Hololens, Head Mounted Displays, Mobile AR, Haptics, 360 Video Production, Holoportation, Visual Effects, Animations, Holo DashRoom, AR Kit, AR Core, Smart Glasses, Spatial Computing, Computer Vision, and Spatial Intelligence Visualization

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Location: Istanbul, TR