Description: VPI is a leading provider of Advanced Stereoscopic 3D/VR/AR Visualization Solutions, aiming to make its solutions available to the widest community as possible. VPI’s stellar product, VPI Reveal, provides the most advanced, reliable and affordable 3D visualization solution for medical applications, creating crucial anatomical insight needed to cure and save lives.VPI REVEAL | CRUCIAL 3D INSIGHTReal 3D insight is crucial in dealing with the most complex structure we know: the human body.The healthcare industry is used to ‘2½D’​; i.e. 2D images that create a 3D perception using rotation and shading techniques. This is not real 3D. With 2½D, spatial orientation and details are lost. The void this leaves is filled by physicians who transform 2½D into 3D in their mind, using their anatomical knowledge of and experience. It relies on human intervention, thus subject to human fault. In turn, less trained physicians cannot transform 2½D into 3D themselves. Our software transforms CT and/or MRI data into a virtual 3D image of a patient’s anatomy. The user can ‘helicopter’ through their patient in high resolution virtual 3D, revealing every detail, subtlety and nuance needed to make an accurate diagnosis. It’s considered a must-have for complex medical cases, such as neurosurgery, and vascular surgery. “I have come to the conclusion that using VPI Reveal in such cases, is indispensable.” – Prof Rafael G. Sola, neurosurgeon, Chairman and Head of Neurosurgical Department, Hospital de la Princesa Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, SpainIn a nutshell:•Ability to ‘helicopter’​ through a patient in virtual 3D•Superior quality of imaging, revealing details, depth and subtleties needed to make an accurate diagnosis•Faster processing of CT/MRI-data, saving precious time•Increased reliability; what you see outside the patient in virtual reality, is the same as on the inside•Instead of viewing isolated areas, you can see a comprehensive, 360-degree image of the area

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