Description: MIFLY is Taiwan’s fast-growing and leading AR (Augmented Reality) mobile application developer. Its leading solution, MAKAR, combines image recognition and tracking technology with cloud computing, machine learning, and data analysis to provide an intuitive and accessible AR and VR editing platform. With MAKAR, everybody can create AR and VR content in a few, easy steps.米菲多媒體為台灣領先的AR(擴增實境)行動應用軟體開發商,也是台灣國內唯一的擴增實境底層技術開發商,獲得多項國內外獎項的殊榮,以圖像識別、追蹤技術為核心,結合雲端技術、機器學習、大數據分析、多媒體互動,發展出十數種創新AR行動應用服務模組,並擁有國內最大 AR 開放式平台「MAKAR」,任何人都可以自由開發擴增實境,對於國內產業發展具有相當的影響力。

Industry: Software


Company size: 11-50 employees

XRD rank: 996437

Headquarter: Taipei, Taipei City

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2014

Skillset: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Software, App development, and Image recognition

Crunchbase profile:

Funding rounds total: 2

Selected investors: –

Location: –