Description: Karma the Game of Destiny ICOKarma the Game of Destiny is putting a team together to turn the game into a distributed, encrypted database for its players. Players who already can play anonymously will be the ultimate owners of their own data. The game will still collect stats but the game will not be able to sell your profile to other companies ever. Our privacy policy was always designed to protect the player, now with blockchain the game will comply with all the requirements of the US and Europe to maintain a safe place for people to meet and have fun. But most special of all is that ownership of the game will be made public through the ICO and raise the capital to be the most incredible experience the Internet has ever seen. Join us for this next iteration of Internet Interaction. AR / VR / SAI / AI / ICO. Be a part of the company and the ICO. Call us today. Help us make it happen and get coin at the ICO. Karma the Game of Destiny is building itself to be the most entertaining social experience online and in the real world by creating a gameshow that players can choose to be a part of by using the “Outing”​ button in the game rather than just exchanging personal info privately through the game’s texting. This is an added feature and not required to enjoy the game and meet real people to go out with, find new friends and more.GAME NEWSNew York, NY- Spring, 2018The App is HERE!!! The waiting is over… yes it will get better but we are going to kill it with the fun that is in store… fun.Karma the Game of Destiny, a novel new social dating game. Karma aims to breakaway from the superficiality of online dating interactions. Players are encouraged to forge meaningful connections on the path to their soulmates. Unlike popular dating apps like Tinder and Grindr, Karma is all about building genuine relationships.

Industry: Media


Company size: 1-10 employees

XRD rank: 5510264

Headquarter: New York

Ownership: Private company

Founded year: 2013

Skillset: –

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Funding rounds total: 3

Selected investors: –

Location: New York, US