Description: Matterport 360 degree virtual tours are a great way to showcase a house, hotel, bar, restaurant, museum, factory in fact any space. We all know what Google tours are, well Matterport tours are the same but with lots of extra benefits that can help your business. These include -The Doll’s house view of your space really engages with people when they see it.-An automotive highlight reel that lets you decide the viewer’s route.-High Res images can be downloaded from any view meaning a separate photoshoot is not needed -Info tags can be added to any point in the tour and filled with either text, photos, or videos.-Schematic Floor Plans can be downloaded.-Matterport tours of your business can be uploaded to google street view.-All of this is all done via active software, meaning you can update any aspect of your tour. How does it work?Well, the tech version is that an array of 6 optical sensors are used to capture 5 different exposures that produce HDR images and there are 3 dual infrared emitting lenses that record depth information. This is done whilst the camera is rotating and at the same time sending the information back to an iPad. As I said pretty sophisticated.Now, more than ever is the time to invest in a VR tour of your space. With the Government saying estate agents can only show properties via a virtual tour.One exciting new development for the housing market is a virtual face to face meeting with agents and buyers in the 360 tour.The agent books a time for the viewing and sends them a link. They both then meet up on the screen with the 360 tour playing in the background. The estate agent can then click their way through the house, pointing out special features to the buyer. It’s as close to a real viewing as you can get without leaving the office. For the seller, it means people are now seeing inside their house via VR and for the agent, he can line up multiple viewings at any time. A perfect technology solution to viewings.

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